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Laryngomalacia Update

Well over a year has passed and I realised that people are still looking at my blog especially the post about Laryngolamalacia/ Floppy Larynx

Well I am pleased to say that Tillie will be 3 in October and things are almost completely fine! The Croup that she was prone to seems to have calmed right down. She had 3 bouts of it in 5 weeks last year and the doctor turned around to me and told me that I knew more about how to treat it than he did as I had had so much experience with her getting it so often.

Tillie does have an inhaler now but we do not have to use it regularly thank goodness as that is such a challenge and i find not very pleasant trying to put a mask up to her face using that spacer! Very scary for a little one to accept.

I noticed earlier when she was asleep with her head tipped backwards in the car that you can still hear a little noise when she sleeps which isn't snoring it is much quieter, the only problem we do have with Tillie is dribbling and choking! Sh…