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Cuppa tea?

I really should be doing accounts but I am easily distracted!

I never started drinking tea until about 4 years ago when I met my partner who was a painter and decorator at the time and drank tea and coffee all day long. I was 21 at the time and always drank lemonade or water - I chose not to drink tea and I detested coffee. I was young and in love and trained myself to like it!

Now previous to meeting my decorator in dirty overalls (not quite the knight in shining armour is it but i wouldn't change him for the world) I had worked in a number of places where I was 'tea girl'.

I always thought that you chucked a tea bag in a cup poured water in added a bit of milk and sugar and that was all there was to it....oh how wrong was i. I didn't know there was a certain technique to it until I met Nick who informed me that I made a rubbish cuppa and it has only taken me 4 years to perfect it!

I had been making tea for other people since I was about 16. I started at the Theatre …

How did you cope?

A sensitive issue that not many people like to talk about but I hope that this post might help some people or help me to understand as I had never even thought about this until it unfortunately happened to a number of my friends when they were a few days away from their due date or just after they given birth - they lost a close relative.

Since writing this post @AlliMarshall contacted me and said that since reading this post she was now ready to write a post about sadly losing her mum when she was 7 months pregnant. I have just read her incredible post and I am so grateful that she is happy for me to share it with you too.

I just wondered how you cope with all the emotions as you must be on an emotional rollercoaster, so sad about the loss but excited and happy about the birth of your baby. Would you feel guilty for feeling happy when you are sad? Are you angry? Do you find time to grieve? Did it affect the bond you had with your bab…

Do you have enough time for your partner?

Has having a baby affected your relationship?

I remember just being desperate to see Nick holding our baby for the first time. Nick and I have been inseparable since the day we met, I was very clingy and always needed cuddles, I remember sobbing nonstop when he was going away for one night (how sad is that!) I was terrified of something bad happening to him and knew I would not be able to have my afternoon nap because I always slept on him! (This was way before we had Tillie). We prefer to go out together than we do separately we just enjoy each other’s company. We do bicker too but nothing that a hug won't sort out.

When Tillie arrived I went from being a really needy girlfriend who had to have cuddles all of the time, to not having time for cuddles and not even realising! When we were alone all I wanted to do was sleep as Tillie has never slept well bless her but I never really gave much consideration to Nick who was busy working all hours in the pub and I was enjoying every sec…

Sleepless nights

Ok so we have all been there, some more than others but how has it affected you?

I remember people saying "oooh you just wait, make the most of your sleep as you won't be sleeping for a while" which is true and I can honestly say I have not had more than 4 hours solid sleep since Tillie was born and she is now 18 months old. You might not believe me but it really does not bother me.

I have listened to a number of mums moaning that their child kept them awake or they are annoyed at the fact that their baby who has slept through from being a few weeks old has suddenly started waking up in the night, they seem genuinely angry about this. (Probably through tiredness and it can make people say silly things but some people become almost obsessed about it and seem really angry)

I use social networking sites and have been really shocked by some status updates that I have seen, not once ever have I put that I was cross because Tillie wasn't sleeping through. I might have put …

Where do I know you from?

We have all been there when we see someone but cannot put a face to the name or even work out how we know them.

I remember being stood near the front of a Robbie William's concert and a guy walked in front of me and I said "oh hello are you ok fancy seeing you here?" I turned and told my friend that it was a guy from our village, I thought she looked a little bit shocked as it was in fact David Seaman! I was slightly embarrassed.

Anyway me and my friend went on a girly holiday to Paris, It was the end of January it was freezing we were completely wrapped up in big coats, no flesh on show as that isn't our style. As soon as we arrived men were approaching me on the street and trying to talk to me, I had no idea what they were saying but "bisous" kept coming up. One gentleman was extrememly shocked when he realised we were English and he said to me "you very beautiful girl please let me take you for drink I think you great" Obviously being 20 we tho…

From an outsiders point of view

We were in our local town centre; there is a new retail park where there are a few water features. The parking is reasonable and you can buy pretty much get everything you need which makes life so much easier! There is even a couple of coffee bars which serve yummy cakes so we often sneak in there when tots is asleep (due to her being allergic to egg, we can only eat cake when she is asleep otherwise she cannot understand why she isn't allowed any and I would never let her watch me eating it bless her)

Tillie had been asleep and we managed to sneak a coffee and cake in before she woke up, the coffee bar we were in was right opposite the water feature, there is a wall around for people to sit on and the feature is like a few water sprinklers which go on and off. When tots woke up I got her out of the pushchair ad let her have a run around, she was giggling and I was swinging her as I normally do, I then let her walk along the wall and she sat herself down and I was singing a song t…

I love how Tillie's mind works

Just a quick post as I am meant to be doing accounts but I find it incredibly boring and this seems to be much more appealing!

I have tried my best to make learning as fun as possible without her even knowing that she is learning, we make actions up to songs, we make the animal noises whenever we see or mention an animal. I have always told her exactly what I am about to do.... "Mummy is going into the kitchen and I need Tillie to help me find a bowl, can we have a look in the cupboard, that’s it lets open the door" etc..... Nick used to tell me off for talking all of the time; we do have a little chatterbox now and love it!

However, I was about to tuck into my dinner yesterday and was talking Tillie through everything as normal- "ooh mummy and Tillie are going to have some yummy chicken" - Tillie's response was "brawk brawk brawk" and started running round flapping her arms! I must say it made me smile but did put me off the chicken.

We went to the f…

Can you give your child too much attention?

I have had fantastic feedback from lots of mummies and daddies who have tried the reward bottle that I mentioned in an earlier post

I just thought I would update you. I cannot believe the difference a few little changes have made.

I realised that perhaps I was giving Tillie too much attention and she was becoming increasingly demanding and it was beginning to get a little bit too much as she wouldn't even go to her daddy as she knew that Mummy would do as she wanted.

I decided to try and give her a little bit more space, in a morning instead of getting up as soon as I hear her, I now stay in bed and listen to her for a while, she is quite happy to talk to her bunny and sing and dance.

I am encouraging her to play by herself instead of dragging me and sitting me on the floor, I show her some toys and start a game off but then slowly back away and leave her, a few minutes later you can hear her playing beau…

"Your baby can read" - Update

You will see below that I am now following the instructions. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Please follow for regular updates.

My initial reaction!
I bought Tillie the Early Language Development System 'Your Baby Can Read' DVD and Books by Dr Robert C Titzer
Ours came with 5 Dvd's, flash cards and books
the idea of the programme is to help your baby learn to read from as young as 3 months old - it says that it is much easier for them to learn to read before they are 5.
I bought them more out of curiosity when she was 7 months old as I had seen them advertised at about 3am one morning it had videos of two year old reading a book, picking the correct flash card when shown etc.....
It encourages you to show the starter Dvd twice a day for about a month before moving on to the next one and so on.
The Dvd's look slightly dated and the people in the Dvd do have strong American accents but I have an open mind and wanted to give it a go.
It works like this - the …

I will never wear big pants ever again!

So let me give you the scenario - I read that a lot of women swear by tummy control pants and wondered what all of the fuss was about so I ordered a pair from a well-known high street online shop. I ordered size 8 to be completely honest I really didn't need them I have always been petite but I got it into my head that i needed some! I wanted to wear a dress to my partners football presentation evening (sounds glam doesn't it but it was just in the pub which we run, people sometimes expect you to make an effort and with being a village WAG it would be rude not to!)

I haven't got the greatest self-confidence and people are always lovely to me and tell me I look nice but I never believe them and I always buy clothes but never think I can wear them so chicken out!

I thought maybe these miracle pants would boost my confidence, the only time I have ever had boobs was when I was pregnant and breastfeeding, without the good old gel bras I would be lost! So I didn't want any…