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Laryngomalacia Update

Well over a year has passed and I realised that people are still looking at my blog especially the post about Laryngolamalacia/ Floppy Larynx

Well I am pleased to say that Tillie will be 3 in October and things are almost completely fine! The Croup that she was prone to seems to have calmed right down. She had 3 bouts of it in 5 weeks last year and the doctor turned around to me and told me that I knew more about how to treat it than he did as I had had so much experience with her getting it so often.

Tillie does have an inhaler now but we do not have to use it regularly thank goodness as that is such a challenge and i find not very pleasant trying to put a mask up to her face using that spacer! Very scary for a little one to accept.

I noticed earlier when she was asleep with her head tipped backwards in the car that you can still hear a little noise when she sleeps which isn't snoring it is much quieter, the only problem we do have with Tillie is dribbling and choking! She seems to do this all the time. She cannot eat very well with her mouth closed she tries really hard but her tops are still soaked from dribble when she tries to eat.

She is very determined and talks all of the time and people say she is very old fashioned in her ways and old for her age (very bossy too but hilarious) but I do notice that when she throws a typical two year old tantrum that she really struggles to breathe when she cries, she isn't holding her breathe like some two years olds do, she just cannot catch it and gasps for air which really scares me and  which is why I have put off her going to playschool or nursery for so long but the time has come that she starts this Thursday!


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"Your baby has Laryngomalacia"!!!????

I will explain a little about my labour, maybe a detailed explanation might go up in the future but lets put it like this, it was not nice and after suffering from an Irritable Uterus throughout my pregnancy followed by a 42 hour labour and a scary ending but I got the beautiful Tillie Bean so was worth every second! Basically the cord was wrapped around her neck twice and right round her body. She had the hiccups so much during pregnancy and I am wondering if this does have a connection to the problem which was about to be revealed!

I remember a few nights after Tillie was born hearing a strange noises when she was breathing, I had to stay in hospital for a few nights as I needed a blood transfusion, I buzzed the nurse to check about her breathing but was told 'it is just mucous on her lungs it is very common it won't last long'.
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Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We decided that we would go to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Today with it being so sunny outside.
We told Tillie we were going to see some animals, I love the way she repeats everything we say now, she managed to stay awake during the car journey and the whole way round the park.
She was more interested in the cat that was sunbathing near the entrance, I didn't think she was going to move as she kept saying "hewwo cat miaowww".
She liked the Meercats and the play area is near the entrance so she was quite happily swinging away looking at the horses.
It is a nice place to go, I wouldn't say that you could spend a whole day there as there isn't a lot to do but for under 5's it is ideal. They can run around, go and pat the sheep and goats, walk through the Lemur park and get up close to the Wallabies.
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Kid's do the funniest things!

One of our elderly customers knitted Tillie a skirt, it was very kind but not something that I would put Tillie in. Plus is was very small, when I was presented with this skirt my first thought was "oh no she is going to see how tiny it is compared to my jumbo baby and there is no way am I ever going to let her wear that".

But being polite and I really was touched that she had taken time to knit this for us that I passed the skirt to Tillie who put it straight on her head and posed.....

Luckily the customer found this highly amusing along with everyone else who was having lunch in our pub that day!