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When I was at school, we didn't have fidget spinners..... we made these

I was sat with Tillie earlier chatting about school. I told her there wasn't such a thing as fidget spinners when I was at school..... instead we made these...... BUT WHAT ARE THEY CALLED? Do they even have a name?

I could easily remember how to make it!
Did you put colours and numbers on yours? I think I did the colours and the numbers the wrong way round. It was close to bedtime so I made one in a rush and told her we would make some more tomorrow.... Any suggestions for challenges would be gratefully received!

Also if anyone knows what they are called please let me know!

Daddy's Birthday ..... look what we won!

I have mentioned in a previous post that I try to win all presents for Birthdays and Christmas and have so far been successful for the past few years.

We have done our first video to show you what we won for Nick's Birthday. Tillie has been desperate to do her first video so here goes ......

Thank you for watching

Help! My husband is a fussy eater

I have the following ingredients.......
I have no idea what to cook for dinner, I want something crunchy, tasty, healthy and that he will enjoy too! Please help! I have........ egg noodles,  spinach pasta, (also penne pasta in the cupboard) broccoli, lentil mix, stir fry, new baby potatoes, peppers, babycorn, sugar snap peas, chicken, halloumi, baby plum tomatoes pesto soy sauce

Bath, Book, Bed

Seven years into parenting and there have only been five nights in those seven years where I have managed to get FOUR hours solid sleep!

I love being a mummy so much, I really do, but sleepless nights are hard. I never really thought that they were taking their toll on me until last year (six years into sleepless nights) Robbie was waking up every 30 minutes to 1 hour throughout the night EVERY night. My pulse became really fast and I have ended up on beta blockers to control it! This could simply be down to lack of sleep. I was a walking zombie but I thought I was putting on a good front.
I used to get comments such as "How do you cope?" "How do you look so well if you aren't getting any sleep?" - Truth is, I have good make up and I have no choice! I had to get on and deal with it as it wasn't getting any better..... every night was getting worse!

We have always had a 7pm bedtime rule but that really didn't mean much to Robbie, as we knew that within a…

"Hello...... is that Matilda's mum?"

Oh the moment the telephone rings, you answer and you hear the words "Hello..... is that Matilda's mum?"

My first thought ..... .school, is she poorly *panic* followed by *guilt* did I send her to school poorly?

Second thought (yes it is exhausting having my brain and thoughts) - is it the doctors surgery, her blood tests that she had over 6 months ago might have been read wrong!

Third thought - a casting, maybe it is regarding an audition or casting she has been to.

NOPE ...... all wrong!

Turns out she is the winner of a local competitions she entered during the Easter holidays to win £25 to spend in a local department store! YAY she will be so pleased!

My heart is still pounding, I will have a very happy little girl later, she loves winning prizes just like I do! We love 'comping' together. It is a great little hobby to have.

Please come back to find out more of our wins, we tried to do a vlog for the first time but we ran out of memory! Doh!

Hope you are al…

"If you both sit still and smile you can have a biscuit"

I have a Nikon D3200 (I think....) it arrived completely out of the blue and cost me absolutely nothing! I won it! It has to be of my favourite wins!

I instantly started driving my husband mad! I became obsessed with this camera (yes I know to professionals it isn't amazing but to go from a camera phone to this it is very exciting). I had absolutely no idea what I was doing with it, but oh the quality compared to my mobile phone was just incredible! (well I mostly managed to chop their head off a lot of the pictures BUT even with the top of their heads missing you could see so perfectly on the pictures what they had eaten for lunch as it was crusted round their mouth..... amazing! haha I was also very good at photographing the top of their head)
I already had well over 10,000 on my phone from when Tillie was born..... ok, so I hadn't looked at any of them since I had taken them apart from the ones that popped up on timehop on facebook BUT I needed to have all of these photog…

Wedding Dress - did you love yours?

I've been wedding dress shopping twice in the last month, with my niece and today with my sister. It has got me thinking, would pick the same dress again? .... To be completely honest, Robbie Williams picked my dress! I believe if he comes on the radio then it is a sign that it is the right decision and it just so happened that I put this dress on and he came on the radio! I originally wanted a low key wedding, I didn't want a fancy dress. However, my mum said that we should maybe do the wedding dress shopping properly just for experience and my idea of a £250 dress quickly jumped to over £1100 all because Robbie Williams sent me the sign! My wonderful mum bought my dress for me! We had a low budget wedding and the big dress was not part of it! I did win £1000 worth of bridesmaid dresses though! They were beautiful! All made to measure and my nieces looked amazing! My dress was a Maggie Sottero design and I got it from Belle & Bouquet in Lincolnshire, it was like weddi…

Well hello again!

Hello everyone!
It has been a long time since I was last on here!

Where to start.......... Well Tillie is now 7 and we no longer run a pub! Yay!

We have a gorgeous little boy called Robbie who is 3 now and he was also born with laryngomalacia (a floppy larynx) I was always really worried about having another child in case they got it too and we heard that boys tend to get it worse that girls, so when we found out that we were having a little boy I was a little worried, but he was fine. It sounded worse that Tillie's but he didn't quite have as many issues as she did. Plus we knew what we were doing the second time round.

So now on to the winning part! My sister told me that she knew of someone that had left their job to enter competitions. I didn't believe that anyone could do that so I started entering a few and the only thing I was getting was spam emails!
I didn't give up as I found it quite therapeutic as it was something I could do .....for me!
With running a pub,