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"If you both sit still and smile you can have a biscuit"

I have a Nikon D3200 (I think....) it arrived completely out of the blue and cost me absolutely nothing! I won it! It has to be of my favourite wins!

I instantly started driving my husband mad! I became obsessed with this camera (yes I know to professionals it isn't amazing but to go from a camera phone to this it is very exciting). I had absolutely no idea what I was doing with it, but oh the quality compared to my mobile phone was just incredible! (well I mostly managed to chop their head off a lot of the pictures BUT even with the top of their heads missing you could see so perfectly on the pictures what they had eaten for lunch as it was crusted round their mouth..... amazing! haha I was also very good at photographing the top of their head)
I already had well over 10,000 on my phone from when Tillie was born..... ok, so I hadn't looked at any of them since I had taken them apart from the ones that popped up on timehop on facebook BUT I needed to have all of these photographs!

"MUMMMM leave us alone go and take them of daddy" was a popular saying in the house - especially from Tillie! After a few snaps she would pull a face to make me stop.


I thought I would get a couple of snaps of them together for presents for the grandparents and aunties...... I didn't quite realise how challenging that would be! I personally prefer the natural look but sometimes just a simple smile at the camera is required!

Trying to get them to sit next to each other......looking at the camera was a different story!

I've seen so many gorgeous pictures on the internet and I had high expectations, the reality was completely different!
They would move and make each other laugh, one would look the other way, the other got bored, one would pick their nose and the other would see a bug and run off, one would blink or it was a perfect photo but it would be slightly blurred ..... NOOOOOOOOOooooooooo

"Would you two stand still PLEASE, all I need is just one photo of you both smiling and you can have a biscuit"
It was far more challenging than I expected.


So after approximately 807 pictures I got one........ the both sat still, both smiled and everyone was happy and they got a cookie each!


I think I have got a little better over time.....

I still love the quality that the camera captures, I love their little freckles and clarity of features that you can't quite capture on a mobile - we now have lots of fun at the same time! (They are both signed to a modelling, casting and agency using my photographs so I can't be too bad now hehe)

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