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"Hello...... is that Matilda's mum?"

Oh the moment the telephone rings, you answer and you hear the words "Hello..... is that Matilda's mum?"

My first thought ..... .school, is she poorly *panic* followed by *guilt* did I send her to school poorly?

Second thought (yes it is exhausting having my brain and thoughts) - is it the doctors surgery, her blood tests that she had over 6 months ago might have been read wrong!

Third thought - a casting, maybe it is regarding an audition or casting she has been to.

NOPE ...... all wrong!

Turns out she is the winner of a local competitions she entered during the Easter holidays to win £25 to spend in a local department store! YAY she will be so pleased!

My heart is still pounding, I will have a very happy little girl later, she loves winning prizes just like I do! We love 'comping' together. It is a great little hobby to have.

Please come back to find out more of our wins, we tried to do a vlog for the first time but we ran out of memory! Doh!

Hope you are all having a good Monday!

P.S please tell me I am not the only one who panics when you hear the words above....


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