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Well hello again!

Hello everyone!
It has been a long time since I was last on here!

Where to start.......... Well Tillie is now 7 and we no longer run a pub! Yay!

We have a gorgeous little boy called Robbie who is 3 now and he was also born with laryngomalacia (a floppy larynx) I was always really worried about having another child in case they got it too and we heard that boys tend to get it worse that girls, so when we found out that we were having a little boy I was a little worried, but he was fine. It sounded worse that Tillie's but he didn't quite have as many issues as she did. Plus we knew what we were doing the second time round.

So now on to the winning part! My sister told me that she knew of someone that had left their job to enter competitions. I didn't believe that anyone could do that so I started entering a few and the only thing I was getting was spam emails!
I didn't give up as I found it quite therapeutic as it was something I could do .....for me!
With running a pub,
I couldn't have an evening hobby as we were always working and Tillie didn't sleep very well so I used to find I would be sat up for a few hours at a time and it just passed the time.

I never took it that seriously and just enjoyed winning a few prizes here and there, that was until 2014 when Tillie started school. Robbie was 8.5 months old and napping for 2.5 hours in a morning. (he slept so badly at night time, he was waking every 30mins -1 hour all night long) so I decided in the September/October that I was going to use that time in a morning to enter competitions and set myself a challenge of winning every prize for Christmas! It worked, I completely nailed it! (The Sun even did a story about it) ..... I will go in to it in more detail in another blog post.

Entering competitions is certainly the best hobby that I have ever had. There are absolutely no guarantees that you will win but we've had some wonderful prizes over the last few years, including:

A luxury holiday in Devon for 14 people,
Nights away,
Car washes for life,
£1000 worth of bridesmaid dresses,
£1000 wooden flooring,
iPad mini
Film premiere tickets - walking on the red carpet with Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep!

These are just a tiny insight to what I have won -  so I set myself a challenge every year now to win everyones Christmas and Birthday presents.

We also only go on days out if we've won tickets! It comes in handy when Tillie won us a National Trust family pass for a year! We've had some wonderful days out due to that.

I need to get my head around blogging again as I have so many things to share but not quite sure where to begin!
Please leave me a comment and let me know if you have won anything, I love hearing of other wins!


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