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Cuppa tea?

I really should be doing accounts but I am easily distracted!

I never started drinking tea until about 4 years ago when I met my partner who was a painter and decorator at the time and drank tea and coffee all day long. I was 21 at the time and always drank lemonade or water - I chose not to drink tea and I detested coffee. I was young and in love and trained myself to like it!

Now previous to meeting my decorator in dirty overalls (not quite the knight in shining armour is it but i wouldn't change him for the world) I had worked in a number of places where I was 'tea girl'.

I always thought that you chucked a tea bag in a cup poured water in added a bit of milk and sugar and that was all there was to it....oh how wrong was i. I didn't know there was a certain technique to it until I met Nick who informed me that I made a rubbish cuppa and it has only taken me 4 years to perfect it!

I had been making tea for other people since I was about 16. I started at the Theatre where I worked backstage as a wardrobe assistant, I have made plenty of cuppa's for Su Pollard, Alvin Stardust, Liza Goddard, (erm.... trying to think of some more people to name drop..hmmmm I give up you probably wouldn't have heard of them anyway!) They always drank them politely.

I then worked for the local BBC radio station as a Saturday helper/trainee assistant it was one of my roles to make the tea for any guests we had on the show that day. Most of the guests on the show were performing at the theatre where I worked so they probably cringed when i asked 'would you like a cup of tea?' as they had already experienced it at the theatre.

I am a redhead and blush really easily, especially when I have done something wrong. I remember one day the presenter told the listeners a story about 'tea' and I wasn't really paying too much attention until I over heard that it was illegal to make a cup of tea without using a tea pot, now being the naive and extremely gullible 17 year old that I was I sank in my chair and went bright red. He asked me what was wrong during a song break, I explained that I was really sorry and that I have never used a tea pot in my life so he had been drinking illegal tea this worried me even more the fact he was a policeman. I had seen one in the radio station kitchen and the theatre kitchen but had always boiled the kettle and made it that way. He played along with this and announced to the listeners that I had a confession and he knew I was really worried and still bright red! I don't know who I even thought was going to tell me off ....the tea police? He was crying with laughter and I got many telephone calls and cards from listeners who thought that it was hilarious.

Anyway back to tea and coffee - I was making a cup of tea for Nick the other day and he told me where I was going wrong. I was putting his sugar in after I had put the water in, once he told me to put the sugar in before the water he seems to think I make a perfect cup of tea! He's happy and I am happy as it has only just recently clicked that I only like my tea when I let the tea bag sit in the cup for a few minutes then put the milk in, instead of whipping it our straight away! I found this out completely by accident, I get distracted by Miss Tillie all of the time when I am trying to make a drink and often end up leaving the tea bag in for a long period of time before taking it out and adding the milk, you know when it has that weird layer on the top, but I guess that is how I like it (preferably without the layer!) I like it strong with only a drop of milk!

So now that Nick and I are finally happy tea drinkers the other question is.....

When you have an argument and go to make a hot drink, even if you are not talking to your partner do you still make them a drink?


  1. I had a good old chuckle at that one. Gosh Lisa Goddard. I haven't seen her name for a long long time. As to the cup of tea if not speaking to OH, no I would just make myself one lol. He still doesn't like my cuppas.

  2. You can't go wrong with a post about tea. I can't get through the day without at least 10 cups of tea a day. I know I should be drinking "builders" to assert my manly credentials, but being a Reluctant Housedad, I like a gentler brew: Darjeeling, the "champagne of teas." Looks like dish water, but it's lovely stuff.

  3. This did make me giggle! As for the dilemma of whether to make him a cup or tea or not when you have fallen out? Tricky one. And after sixteen years and quite a few *cough* fallings out, I'm still not completely sure of the correct ettiquette! But personally, I'd rather go without a tea myself than make him one if we've fallen out! Sulker? Moi?!

  4. It would depend how mad I was, but unless I was particularly mad, I'd probably make him a tea.

    Mostly we drink rooibos tea, but when I occasionally make a cup of black tea, I add cloves to the water. Odd, I know, but I love it.

  5. Absolutely not! He probably wouldn't like it anyways, he so rarely wants to eat or drink the things i want to. Though I imagine it would be a good way to force him to make up with me if i wanted, as he would be obliged to accept the cup because I was nice enough to make it.. hmm.. wait I think I don't know my own answer to this..


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