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"Your baby can read" - Update

You will see below that I am now following the instructions. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Please follow for regular updates.

My initial reaction!
I bought Tillie the Early Language Development System 'Your Baby Can Read' DVD and Books by Dr Robert C Titzer
Ours came with 5 Dvd's, flash cards and books
the idea of the programme is to help your baby learn to read from as young as 3 months old - it says that it is much easier for them to learn to read before they are 5.
I bought them more out of curiosity when she was 7 months old as I had seen them advertised at about 3am one morning it had videos of two year old reading a book, picking the correct flash card when shown etc.....
It encourages you to show the starter Dvd twice a day for about a month before moving on to the next one and so on.
The Dvd's look slightly dated and the people in the Dvd do have strong American accents but I have an open mind and wanted to give it a go.
It works like this - the words such as "dog" appear on the screen and the word repeated a couple of times, then shows for example a dog running around and the word is used in a sentence. I think there are about 25 words with the first Dvd, they also sing songs such as Twinkle twinkle and Incey Wincey Spider. It teaches nose, ears, arms up, head, toes etc.....
I didn't strictly follow the twice a day routine but after about a month I decided to get the flash cards out to see if there was any truth in the fact that your baby should be able to recognise the words....

Tillie was eight months old at the time and picked the correct flash cards when asked, I was gobsmacked! I didn't believe it so took her downstairs to the pub and asked her again and she did it infront of the customers. I have a video and will upload it when I find it.

To be honest for me it is not the fact that it is learning her to read, she seems to get a lot of pleasure from watching them as it is not cartoons, she copies them touching their head, eyes, ears, mouth, tongue and she goes and gets the Dvd when she wants to watch it rather than following the instructions of putting it on twice a day.

I would definitely recommend this to a friend, it is fascinating to watch especially when the they do pick the correct flash card!

HERE IS AN UPDATE - April 2011
I was having a chat with a couple of lovely ladies on Twitter and it prompted me to introduce Tillie to the Dvd's again and now she is older I thought that maybe Tillie is now ready to watch the dvd twice a day and to keep you updated on her progress.

Day 1: I showed Tillie the dvd and she was so excited to see them again, she sat and was fascinated by it and sobbed when it finished she wanted to watch it again, I put it on again for her in the afternoon and she was already following actions such as "arms up" "clap" "nose" "mouth" as soon as they appeared on screen.

Day 2: I put the dvd on again in the morning for her, she was very excited and clapped her hands as soon as the word "clap" appeared on the screen before the man said the word. She is trying to sing along to the songs and when the animals appear on the screen she is trying to repeat the noises. This afternoon she was happily doing the actions, very excited about her progress and how much she has changed since she first started watching them when she was much younger.

Day 3: Tillie is really responding to actions and repeating the words, she sobbed when the dvd finished, she is joining in with the songs

Day 4: Absolutely fascinating to watch her, she doesn't take her eyes off the dvd when it is on, she even sits herself in her chair so she is nice and comfortable! She repeats words and actions even when they have moved on to a new word, she is pointing out body parts and is using words she has learnt throughout the day, she was running around earlier saying "arms up arms down arms up arms down" and doing the actions. She really sobs when the dvd finishes she really enjoys every second, and this is not a sponsored review.

Day 5 - Tillie is still loving this DVD - she is also really enjoying reading the first book that came with the set, I have read some children won't sit still to watch the dvd, but Tillie is just fascinated by it. I am yet to try the flash cards, but she is pointing out her facial features and our facial feature even more than before as it shows nose and mouth on this dvd. When it is on she shouts "look mummy" ...."hello cat miaow"

This is Tillie watching and enjoying it, I will try and find the video of her picking the correct flash card.
In this video she was 10 months old


  1. YBCR are sponsoring me to go to Cybermummy :) I have this system for my granddaughter and she loves the flashcards. I left the DVD's with my daughter for her to use at home.


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