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I love how Tillie's mind works

Just a quick post as I am meant to be doing accounts but I find it incredibly boring and this seems to be much more appealing!

I have tried my best to make learning as fun as possible without her even knowing that she is learning, we make actions up to songs, we make the animal noises whenever we see or mention an animal. I have always told her exactly what I am about to do.... "Mummy is going into the kitchen and I need Tillie to help me find a bowl, can we have a look in the cupboard, that’s it lets open the door" etc..... Nick used to tell me off for talking all of the time; we do have a little chatterbox now and love it!

However, I was about to tuck into my dinner yesterday and was talking Tillie through everything as normal- "ooh mummy and Tillie are going to have some yummy chicken" - Tillie's response was "brawk brawk brawk" and started running round flapping her arms! I must say it made me smile but did put me off the chicken.

We went to the fish & chip shop today, Tillie had sausage, as soon as she saw it she started trying to sing 10 fat sausages sizzling in a pan. I think this is brilliant how she is associating the words, but when she said "what's that" and pointed to the fish on my plate - I said "mummy is going to have some fish, would you like some?" she said "noooooo" and started opening and closing her mouth like a fish! Again brilliant but not what I want to be reminded of when I am eating!

Another highlight of my last couple of days - a lovely customer came into the pub and brought his dog along, a beautiful black Labrador who is used to being around children. Tillie is still very shy in the pub, however as soon as she saw the dog, she ran over and started dancing and singing to the dog and said "Hewwo doggy woof woof" the dog gave me his paw, and I said "how do you do doggy" so Tillie started trying to say "how do you do". The dog kept giving me his paw and Tillie was watching him very closely - she ran away, then came back to the dog and lifted her foot up to try and give the dog HER paw! I thought that was adorable.

I love to hear your cute baby and toddler stories! Please comment and let me know what your little ones have been up to!


  1. Haha the chicken thing made me laugh so much! Did it not put her off at all?
    Elle gave Belle a stone today to cheer her up... it worked... children are so funny :)


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