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Where do I know you from?

We have all been there when we see someone but cannot put a face to the name or even work out how we know them.

I remember being stood near the front of a Robbie William's concert and a guy walked in front of me and I said "oh hello are you ok fancy seeing you here?" I turned and told my friend that it was a guy from our village, I thought she looked a little bit shocked as it was in fact David Seaman! I was slightly embarrassed.

Anyway me and my friend went on a girly holiday to Paris, It was the end of January it was freezing we were completely wrapped up in big coats, no flesh on show as that isn't our style. As soon as we arrived men were approaching me on the street and trying to talk to me, I had no idea what they were saying but "bisous" kept coming up. One gentleman was extrememly shocked when he realised we were English and he said to me "you very beautiful girl please let me take you for drink I think you great" Obviously being 20 we thought this was highly amusing and declined politely but was very confused at the amount of attention I was receiving.

We checked in to our hotel, there was a young guy on the reception desk, his eyes lit up when we walked in, I thought it was because maybe they weren't used to seeing many redheads. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong it was one of those really funny holidays, falling over at in appropriate moments, zip breaking on bags and contents spilling everywhere, couldn't unlock hotel room door etc....

The guy on reception told us about a lovely little wine bar so we went that evening and he turned up, he had a big grin on his face as we were getting so many looks!

The next day we went to see the sights of this wonderful city, I have been there before, I did mention that I had received looks the previous time but nothing compared to the attention I was receiving this time!
If we went to eat in a restaurant people would be taking photographs of us through the window, and staring and whispering.

We wanted to go and visit the Eiffel tower, just as we were on our way we were walking very closely behind a group of guys who turned out to be a Bulgarian Ski team. Very friendly guys full of fun and we asked them if I looked like someone famous but they just laughed and said no.

We were (still are) really naive and had no idea the Moulin Rouge was in the red light area of Paris, people had recommended a museum to us and said it was really funny and worth a look round, so we had a peek inside it turned out to be the sex museum!!! Well there were willies of all different shapes and sizes, toys etc, and some very old fashioned 'porn' on tiny TV's, we laughed all the way round, UNTIL i looked over at a big picture on the wall of this woman who had long curly redhair like mine! You couldn't see her face but i looked and joked that she looked like me! Then it all clicked!! I was the spitting image of a french porn star!!!

As we left we walked past one theatre and a man was outside and he asked me and my friend if we were interested in taking part in a sex show! ER NOOO we were horrified!

We wanted to get out of that area ASAP and hunted for the nearest Metro, as we were walking to the station, a man approached me and tried to kiss me, we pushed him away and ran. It was quite scary but that was the only one that pushed his luck! Please do not think we were dressed to look like we were asking for trouble, like I said it was freezing cold and we were completley wrapped up head to toe.

I asked the guy behind the reception desk if I reminded him of a celebrity and he went bright red and said no but had a really cheeky grin!

It all made sense why women frowned or tutted at me and men got dragged along as they walked past me!

Of course all my friends found this highly amusing when we got home and word very quickly spread! Even the company I was working for at the time heard about it and the men were all searching for a photo!

Let's just say I am not going back in a hurry!


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