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Bedtime Routine

We have always had the same bedtime routine, I have always been the one to put her to bed, just purely because of my partner working in the pub.

She has her bath and brushes teeth, I end up chasing her around the front room trying to dress her and hoping that I catch her and put her nappy on before she wee's on the floor, she sometimes has something else to eat if she hasn't eaten much tea, then has some milk sitting on my knee. She then points out my eyes, nose, mouth, chin, ears, hair, she does the same to herself, we then go through to her bedroom which is right next to the lounge, I turn the light off to reveal the glow in the dark stars on her ceiling, I put her in her cot and put her arms through her sleeping bag but leave her legs out so I can zip her in it later, I put vaseline on her temples, bridge of nose and chest (I was told this helps her breathe better if she is bunged up or teething) and sometimes put some bonjela in her mouth. I say the same thing every night "Thank you for being a beautiful girl for mummy today, night night poppet love you" and walk out.

TOUCH WOOD - she has always taken herself off to sleep with no problem at all, she is a very good girl for laying there she can even have been giggling as I carry her through but she knows it is bedtime.
We have very rarely had tears as I have done this from her being 2 weeks old.
I am one of those mums who doesn't like hearing her baby cry and with her having laryngomalacia she struggled to breathe if she cried so we have never tried controlled crying, she just has been very good for going to sleep on her own.

My mum always said to me the one thing she regretted was never getting us to go to sleep on our own, she always rocked us or cuddled us then put us down.

Tillie doesn't sleep for very long, she still wakes up atleast twice every night. I don't sleep even if Tillie is having a good night as I still check she is ok and breathing. People think I am crazy, but lack of sleep has never bothered me at all. The one thing I remember from being little is that if I ever woke up worried in the night my mum was always so lovely with me and never ever got cross so I would like Tillie to feel happy and safe like I always did.
(I was getting up at 4am and 5am with her just before Christmas but since Christmas she has started sleeping till around 7am, I am a big softy when it comes to my little girl!)


  1. Sounds like you have got a good routine worked out that works for you both. Long may it last...

    Just found you via twitter. Mich x


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