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Personalised Gift ideas - Don't forget Mother's day is on 3rd April!

I like to try and give personalised gifts to my family, I have spent hours searching online for presents. Below are a few of my favourites.
If you have any that you think that I could mention please let me know!

Name a Rose
I have just bought this for a very close friend who lost her amazing husband last year, he was very special to me and it is coming up to what would have been his Birthday, their anniversary and also her Birthday all within the space of a week. I thought that by naming a rose after him would be a lovely way to remember him by and to let them know that I am thinking about him often. The gift contains seeds, information on how to grow the seeds, you can send the registry card with your chosen name, you will then get a certificate with the name you have chosen a few days later.

Dear Mum from You to Me
I bought this as a gift for my Mum for Christmas, there are so many stories parents have to share but unless they keep a diary they are often forgotten or not passed on from generation to generation, I thought this was a lovely way to hear about my mum's childhood and special memories about our childhood which could be forgotten. My mum was really touched by this present, you can also get it for Grandparents, Fathers, and friends.

Heat Sensitive Photo Mug
I bought my sisters for Christmas last year what they thought was a plain black mug, we were all sat together and they all thanked me I could tell they were all thinking 'why on earth has she bought me a plain black mug'.
I then went into the kitchen and poured boiling water into the mug and a photo of Tillie appeared and there was a personalised message on the other side of the mug - they were all really touched by the gift and love it!
They arrived in a plain cardboard box, just seeing the surprise on my sisters faces was worth every penny.
On sale now for only £7.50

Personalised Cards
I always send personalised cards and tend to use or I think these are so special and also very reasonable often much cheaper than what you find in a card shop. It works out that they cost approximately £2.98 plus postage which in total cost your £3.48 all from the comfort of your own home. Fantastic value for money!
Delivery is also very fast and if ordered by 2pm should arrive next working day all being well.

Personalised Books
I bought one of these for Tillie's first Birthday, I think it is a lovely way to mark a special occasion by adding photographs and personalising it with your child's name and a friend's name, there are a wide range of good quality books available, prices start at £10

Personalised Whisky This is a fantastic idea if you know someone who is a keen whisky drinker and you want to send a gift that is a little bit special - you can design your own label or write down any ideas you have, the label deisgned then emailed for your approval before being posted a couple of days later. The whisky itself is very pleasant. I bought a bottle for a colleague's 60th Birthday which went down a treat! Prices start from £30


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