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We are engaged....sorted!

Well I have been with the lovely Nick for nearly four years. I have always known of him, he was the baby faced one who I always looked up to as he was a couple of years older than me at youth club; if he smiled i blushed etc...

Anyway we fell in love in our village pub, the same village pub that we now run!....Ahhhh sounds like a true love story. We have been inseparable since the first day, in the nearly four years there has only been one day where we haven't seen each other and that was in the first week of meeting.

We moved in to the pub and took over the running of it after being together for nine months, a year later I found out I was pregnant and in October 2009 our baby girl was born and we haven't looked back!

He really is the most laid back guy you could meet, he's really funny, really lovely, very caring, SO UNROMANTIC it is unreal but that is just him and I am not one of those girls who likes flowers and soppy things so this suits me just fine. The thought of him proposing just seemed really wrong because he is just not like that and the thought of him getting down on one knee just makes me cringe, in the past when he joked about it i used to run away and hide. It was like an automatic reaction!
He goes to the shop and treats me all the time I have a never ending supply of chocolate, he might go into town and come back with some perfume, but romantic and saying anything other than "you look well fit" and telling me he loves me seems strange!

We had always talked about getting married, but I just could never see the proposal happening and it got to the stage wherever we went I was almost expecting a ring just to appear. Customers went on and on about it, most people already thought we were married, he even told my niece that he was buying me a ring (i was there when he said it) for Christmas 2009 - so when a beautiful Pandora gift bag was handed to me (I had left the brochure on the top at the ring page hint hint!) I was thinking OH NO THIS IS IT - when i opened the little package and saw it was a letter 'M' charm for my Pandora bracelet I was slightly confused, I had no idea what 'M' stood for. I already had an 'A' for Abbie, I had an 'N' for Nick - but why 'M'....I said thank you and kept rummaging through the packaging looking for the ring but all there was inside was some charm wipes - my sisters were all confused about what 'M' stood for -was it mother, marry me?... No it was for Matilda (our daughter's name but we never call her that! we always call her Tillie! whoops) he also bought me a lovely handbag I searched through all the compartments - nothing! I waited all day and remembered feeling gutted when I saw people changing their status on Facebook to 'engaged' BLEUGH!!!

So after a while i reminded him that he had told me that I was getting a ring for Christmas and was still waiting, one day he said "Oh just buy one online and you pay for it on your card and I will give you the money" Oh great - i wasn't arguing I wanted that sparkler and he had the money waiting!

It was 2nd June 2010 the day when that Derik Bird shot those poor people. I remember taking Tillie to the park and getting back to Nick acting all strange, it was obvious it had arrived, i felt sick and just kept thinking PLEASE DO NOT PROPOSE! Tillie was scooting about in her baby walker, when i spotted a lovely package hanging from the curtain rail (actually he told me to look up there through a text). There was no way I could reach it so after about 10 minutes of trying to get it down I walked through to the kitchen. Tillie was growling at the washing machine and ramming our ankles.
Nick said "Aren't you going to open it?" I opened the box upside down....he then said "Put it on then - there we go, we are engaged ....sorted" and gave me a kiss.

I remember him talking on the phone to his mum later that day about sausages or something then he said "oh yeah by the way we are engaged".
The fact Tillie was growling in the background and ramming at our heels in her walker certainly made it special!
I wouldn't have changed it for the world - Wedding is booked for May 2012


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