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Let me take you back to the beginning!

As a first time mum I wanted the best for my little baby 'bean' as we called our growing baby!
I bought so many things before baby bean was born! Clothes, toys, cot, designed the nursery in neutral colours lemon and green.
I have such a wonderful family and the best mum anyone could ever dream of having, so with being the baby of the family they all look after me! I four wonderful sisters who are all quite a bit older than I am so I have had the pleasure of growing up with my three gorgeous nieces and two very cool and handsome nephews so they had all bought so many things along with m
I thought I knew it all already,when my mum kept saying "you will get so much when the baby is born and you won't use most of the things you have bought" I thought that you could never have enough things! (I had bought over 800 nappies ready for the arrival!)

WELL ..... our beautiful baby girl Matilda Rose was born on Wednesday 7th October 2009 at 6.42pm, after a terrible labour and a stay in hospital for both of us we were on our way home a few days later. As you might be aware we run the village pub and our customers had watched me grow from being a little girl then having a little girl of my own, we couldn't move for presents! (Tillie had 35 coats up until her being 6months old, she was bought that many clothes it was really crazy and with living above a pub we didn't have a lot of space!)
Coats, toys, teddies, clothes, money, the list goes on and on everyone was incredibly generous.
To be completely honest my mum did know best, she was right I didnt use the majority of the things I bought, all these really expensive gadgets and toys were hardly touched. I am going to review a few products from the beginning of our journey and hope that you will find it useful.


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