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I'm happy with how I look - so what is your problem?

Nick said to me "I love you because you are unique that's why you have always caught my eye"
I’m 5ft 4 (and a quarter!) with curly red hair (I’m not ginger I’m titian he he) I have always been slim, I honestly just cannot put on weight, I've even been to the doctors to try and see what was wrong with me as I had so many comments in the past..... I’m a size 8 and just under 8 stone I’m not 'uber' skinny and the only problem I have is that I eat too much!
I have never been any different, I have never had to watch what I eat and I feel very fortunate to never have had to worry about a diet.....

However I have always been made to feel that there was something wrong with me by other people! People I have worked with have always commented on my 'unhealthy diet' and the fact that I can eat what I like - "why aren't you huge?”..... I always end up apologising and telling them that my family are the same which is true.

There was one girl who used to go on and on and used to sit and watch me eat my food when I was training to be a presenter, she had issues with her body and was very angry that i could eat what I wanted, I felt very upset by this and eventually left the course, as she one day announced to everyone that her mum was a nutritionist and she said there was no way that i could eat the amount of things i did and not have an eating disorder. I felt awful and it really knocked my confidence.

I remember around the same time - I was with my boyfriend (the one who bought me the really rubbish present!) It was his mums birthday so we went out for a meal - I remember sitting round the table laughing and chatting away, I had just finished my meal and his grandma shouted across the table "what are you going to do now? Go to the toilet and be sick....what a waste of money"
I was absolutely horrified and the fact that I really needed a wee didn't help as I wouldn't go until I got back to my house later that night.

I then became really conscious about what people thought and i started to have a bit of a complex, i then didn't like eating in front of people in case they thought i was going to run to the toilet. This is hard to handle when you are 18 years old.

I have never had boobs - oh how it gave me hope when i was pregnant he he but nope they didn't stay with me either! Gutted!

It just makes me wonder why people think they have the right when you are slim to tell you that you are skinny and need to put weight on? You wouldn’t approach someone who is obese and say "you need to lose weight".
Sometimes I take it as a compliment but I really do not think I should feel the need to apologise for something out of my control!

Anyway enough of me grumbling tonight! Sleep tight - just going to raid the fridge now ;-) x


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