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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

I saw this and thought WOW how cute! I really wanted to get this for Tillie (ok well for me too).
RRP: £15.99
As soon as I took it out of the box I thought it was great, I loved the girlie pink and purple colours.
The pack comes with a singing teapot which teaches numbers, opposites, manners, greetings and sings really cute little songs which Tillie loves dancing to.
The three shape cakes fit on the plate to teach shapes without really knowing that you are learning at the same time, however Tillie soon picked this up and now tells me that she can see a triangle!
It has three modes - learning, music and imagination - you can press the teabag button to play a song, and lift the lid to hear opposites, it has realistic pouring sounds and I love the way it teaches manners too.
"More please" "why thank you".
The two cups are a nice size for little hands and have a happy face on them.

We have spent hours playing picnics with this set it really is a lovely way to spend time with your little girl, Tillie loves pouring us cups of 'tea' and sharing biscuits with us and her teddies.

Highly recommended 5 out of 5


  1. Hello *waves* new follower here. We have this tea set too and darling daughter (20 months) loves it. She makes tea for her toys and brings me a cup sometimes too. Congrats on the engagement by the way :D

  2. oh oh, we got this for Belle as it was reduced at Tesco. It's currently hiding behind the sofa as I'm saving it for her birthday! Only 3 months to go...! :)


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