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A little bit about my week!

Here goes....

I had spent the day dancing and playing with Tillie as usual, I had put her favourite programme on - Fun song Factory, we have to watch it on YouTube as that is the only place I can find it now, it was first shown in 1994, it is full of nursery rhymes and action songs with Dave Benson-Phillips - absolutely must see for any parent and child! Sorry where was i? (As you will notice I get easily distracted!) We were busy dancing to the Hokey Cokey, the song had just finished and she sat in her lovely pink sofa chair that her Nanna had bought her, she got slightly excited about the next song and poked me straight in the eye. I am quite dramatic but this really did hurt - I couldn't open my eye and after about half an hour later it was getting worse it was not swollen and really red.
Tillie goes to her Nanna's house for two hours a week, that is the only time I can be apart from her as we just have far too much fun! My Partner Nick and I went into town to buy Tillie a Chad Valley Campervan tent  (which I will review soon!) I really couldn't see very well and it was extremely sore! So being a brave mummy I carried on but by the time I had put Tillie to bed my eye was really really sore which resulted in my sister having to take me up to A&E to find out that Tillie had scratched my Cornea and I needed antibiotic drops - the hospital staff found it highly amusing when I told them what had happened.


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"Your baby has Laryngomalacia"!!!????

I will explain a little about my labour, maybe a detailed explanation might go up in the future but lets put it like this, it was not nice and after suffering from an Irritable Uterus throughout my pregnancy followed by a 42 hour labour and a scary ending but I got the beautiful Tillie Bean so was worth every second! Basically the cord was wrapped around her neck twice and right round her body. She had the hiccups so much during pregnancy and I am wondering if this does have a connection to the problem which was about to be revealed!

I remember a few nights after Tillie was born hearing a strange noises when she was breathing, I had to stay in hospital for a few nights as I needed a blood transfusion, I buzzed the nurse to check about her breathing but was told 'it is just mucous on her lungs it is very common it won't last long'.
Even as a new mum I thought that this wasn't the case, but who was I to argue.
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When I was at school, we didn't have fidget spinners..... we made these

I was sat with Tillie earlier chatting about school. I told her there wasn't such a thing as fidget spinners when I was at school..... instead we made these...... BUT WHAT ARE THEY CALLED? Do they even have a name?

I could easily remember how to make it!
Did you put colours and numbers on yours? I think I did the colours and the numbers the wrong way round. It was close to bedtime so I made one in a rush and told her we would make some more tomorrow.... Any suggestions for challenges would be gratefully received!

Also if anyone knows what they are called please let me know!

Daddy's Birthday ..... look what we won!

I have mentioned in a previous post that I try to win all presents for Birthdays and Christmas and have so far been successful for the past few years.

We have done our first video to show you what we won for Nick's Birthday. Tillie has been desperate to do her first video so here goes ......

Thank you for watching