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Graco Sweetpeace Infant Soothing Center

RRP : £169.99 
Product features
"Born out of medical research Sweetpeace more closely mimics parents soothing motion than any other product"
MP3 connection and 15 pre-programmed melodies and nature sounds
Can be used with any Graco infant car seat to easily transfer a sleeping baby from car to the soother
3 seating positions. 3 recline positions, plus the seat can be used as a floor rocker
Removable play bar with mirror and teething ring and a teddy bear
Newborn swaddle blanket
6 speeds and a timer function
Mains or battery operated
Age/Size Suitability: From birth to 9kg
Product Dimensons: 87 x 82 x 100 cm
Product Weight: 11.6kgs

This was one of the first things we were bought as a present for our baby, when we got it out of the box we thought WOW it was quite simple to put together and looked very impressive!
When we set it up we then realised just how large the unit was and it sat there for about a month before Tillie made an appearance, everyone who saw it commented on how lovely and impressive it was.

When Tillie was 4 days old I put her in it for the first time, she was very unsettled as soon I as put her in the seat and pressed the button which mimic the sounds heard from inside the womb and she stopped instantly and was very happy, we used the swing on the slowest speed quite often in the first month, plus it comes with a teddy bear head rest which looks adorable!
As she got older we just used the natural sounds to get her to sleep without her actually being in the swing.
The motor was quite noisy and often quite jerky she became more and more unsettled in it and from 10 weeks old onwards she didn't like it at all, it made her cry. With it being so large it wasn't something you could easily move from room to room and as we were limited for space it wasn't very practical.

Advantages - looks very impressive and good quality speakers, the womb sounds were a great for settling Tillie when she was newborn
Disadavantages - you need a lot of space, I found the motor to be quite noisy and quite jerky which worried me slightly, it didn't really last us very long for the price paid.

Overall impression - If I had another baby I don't think I would even get it out again as it really is rather large and didn't use it that often, instead I would go for the basic rocker.

Score out of 5
I would rate this product as 2


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