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Worst present you ever received?

I remember mine!
I was 18 years old, I had been with my first what I classed as serious boyfriend for a few months, and Christmas was coming up! I was working as a wardrobe assistant for the local Theatre and had the pleasure of being Su Pollard's dresser.
My boyfriend (please note that I am thankfully no longer with him!) informed me that he was so excited about the present he had bought me, he said that he had never bought such an amazing present for anyone before (he was a few years older than me!)He said he couldn't wait to see my face when I opened it.

I was so excited I told everyone who I worked with, I couldn't wait for Christmas day! I went out and spent a lot of my wages on him in the hope that it would match up to this amazing present!

Oh I was thinking it was some jewellery, a holiday, a weekend away. Oh I told everyone I kept going on and on and on! It got to the stage where everyone was as desperate as I was to find out! Especially Su, I remember trying to guess with her what it could possibly be!

I spent the run up to the Christmas period busily working and had a lovely Christmas day with my family. I drove ten miles to my boyfriend’s house and had butterflies all the way there! He had been texting me all day telling me he was so excited!
I arrived and we went upstairs to one of his housemates rooms, we watched him give his lovely girlfriend a beautiful necklace and earrings!
All of my boyfriend’s friends had no idea what he had bought me as all he kept saying was that it was really special.

We went into the lounge and he told his friends to wait in another room so I could show them after what he had bought me!

He gave me a very small box wrapped up, I quickly opened it, it was in the shape of a rose, a little jewellery box, inside I thought THERE IS A RING! OH MY GOODNESS, I took a deep breath and it really did nearly take my breath away! There was a musical note staring back at me!
I asked "What is it?" with a shocked expression and tried to sound as enthusiastic as I possibly could as I thought this might have been a joke! He told me that it was a pin badge.
His reply was "wow i couldn't have wished for a better reaction! I knew your face would be a picture....It's a musical note badge!".... He was deadly serious he honestly thought that I was speechless at the beauty of this hideous tacky badge which would have cost around £2.99 from a bargain store and even that would have been a rip off!!! He said he had bought it for me because of my love for music! (What love! i like music as much as any ordinary person but didn't play an instrument and music certainly wasn't my number one love!)

“A badge, oh wow erm thank you, I don't know what to say"
I was in fact thinking 'i cannot believe i have spent money on clothes, shoes, aftershave etc.'.... i was thinking how i could take them back to my car and get my money back

A few minutes later I crashed back down to earth and heard his housemates knocking asking if they could see what he had bought me! I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or to cry, you could tell they felt so sorry for me but at the same time were crying with laughter when he went out of the room. Then I panicked my next thought was 'OH NO HOW AM I GOING TO TELL SU POLLARD AND MY THEATRE GANG'.
I was inundated with texts from friends and family asking what he had bought me, I actually turned my phone off, and I remember ringing mum and just said "I can't tell you now I will talk in the morning".

I rang mum as I was walking to work and when she heard the words "he bought me a badge" she couldn't stop laughing. I then told her I was about to walk into the theatre and be confronted by everyone, well everyone found this highly amusing and I didn't hear the last of it for a very long time!

I should have known this was the start of things to come when on New Year's Eve he told me that he had something special to give me at midnight, but at midnight he handed me a receipt and told me the present he had ordered for me was out of stock so then decided that he didn't want to wait for a present, had decided to cancel the order and get his money back which he then in fact put in the fruit machine!
On a plus note it was very icy that night, as we were leaving the bar he worked in and he slipped and slid down the steps and right out the door!


  1. Ahhhh haha. I feel so awful for laughing so much. Teee heee heeeeee. Fab story.

  2. You poor thing. You must be scarred for life!!
    So funny :D I actually can't think of a worst present but I do remember my husband being given a hand knitted Garfield jumper by my grandmother. He was 25 or 26 at the time.

    I got a sewing machine off my parents for my 21st. That was disappointing at the time. I now wish I'd kept it.

  3. Oh my gosh! What a strange fella! I hopped here from Typecast's tweet

  4. I think I blogged about this at the time, but my mother sent me two pairs of M&S control top knickers for my birthday a few years back. Bloody cheek!

  5. My worst present ever was sent to me by my ex-BF's mother after his family sent me away to have (our) son. (Ex-BF has never showed his face these past 5 yrs). But anyways, worst present ever was the Mary Kay Wrinkle Cream that the B*$%h sent me for Christmas. I was 25 at the time!

  6. Oh NO that is awful!!! how rude is that! glad he is your EX and you no longer have to put up with his delightful mother! they sound horrid, you might have a comment to make on my blog about parents staying together for the sake of the children - thank you for stopping by

    Thank you for all of your comments some of them did make me chuckle!


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