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Finding a bib suitable for a baby with bad reflux!

Tillie suffered very badly from reflux due to her laryngomalacia, none of the bibs I bought were suitable, they soaked straight through on to her clothes and when she started on solids it got even worse and stained them all too!

I tried one's from off the high street, supermarkets, specialist ones suitable for reflux, I even spent up to £10 on them in the hope that I would find one that would stop her from getting wet and smelly round her neck and also save her clothes (and mine!)
We tried:

MAM uk Bibetta

Very pretty and I was very excited to try this one as I had read some very positive reviews it claims it is
"Neoprene bib--waterproof, absorbent, flexible, stain-resistant and wipes clean". I found that as attractive as it was, when you do have a baby with severe reflux who had started on solid foods it definitely caught the sick in its little fold up catch flap, but it didnt absorb it, it just stayed there smelling very unpleasant and was challenging to get rid of as you had to work out how to remove the bib then pour the sick away without spilling it, people comment on how lovely the bib looked but soon changed their mind when they could see the end result! 2/5

I tried Mum 2 Mum Infant wonder bib - £3.00 - £5.00
These were ok, they did absorb quite well, but they were not very big, so they didn't really help much with protecting clothes, the button fastening was also a bit of a challenge to get it round the neck close enough to catch the sick but not too close that it was too tight plus with a wriggling baby it isn't the easiest. 3/5

The BEST BY FAR - £0.59 from Boyes!
My mum went shopping and saw some really big bibs, they are very attractive but the size of them filled me with confidence and they are thick - we have never used any others since, we haven't had any more stains on clothes apart from the sleeve in mouth between spoonfuls, but for the 59p and the amound of hassle it has saved, as I found it quite upsetting that Tillie was not dry and the smell of sick was very unpleasant plus buying lots of nice clothes and them being ruined. Going out for a meal became a chore and I didn't enjoy it as it meant going straight home after or taking a spare change of clothes but since we have used these we haven't had a problem.

I hope you have found this useful!


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