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Fisher-Price Bounce & Spin Zebra

RRP - £54.99

Product information
Encorages baby to bounce and move
Activities either side of handles
Plays 5 songs
From 12months+

I saw this on an advert and just had to have it as it looked so much fun, it was simple enough to put together it took about ten minutes in total. We bought this for Tillie just before her 1st Birthday and it is only since she turned 16 months that it has actually interested her. She hasn't been very interested in sitting on toys but she now runs into her room leaps on it bounces for about 30 seconds then jumps off and carries on playing.

I like the idea of the product and think that some children would get a lot of use out of it, it wasn't quite what I expected, I think I would get the black and white zebra rather than the pink one if I had the opportunity to buy it again as I feel the colours are not as striking as they could be, but that isn't really too much of an issue.
I am always slightly wary of her falling off but so far she has had nothing more than a couple of near misses when she has been a bit over excited. I thought she would like it more than she does, maybe that will come in time.
Perhaps if it wasn't so plastic looking and had a few more features than it could be more appealing. The handle bars do have a toy either side but they spin round and that is all they do which I feel is slightly boring for a toddler who likes to explore and needs a bit more stimulation.

Advantages - good design
Disadvantages - takes up quite a big space and isn't in the easiest shape to store and cannot be folded away, not very entertaining

Ratings out of 5
I would give this product 2.5


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